Russell Starts New "Bottled Under Pressure" Alcohol Brand

Russell Starts New "Bottled Under Pressure" Alcohol Brand

In a surprising twist to his Formula 1 career, Mercedes' own George Russell has announced the launch of his own alcohol production company, sparked by a dramatic incident on the track. Russell’s new venture, inspired by his recent crash with Fernando Alonso at the Australian Grand Prix, will feature uniquely themed beverages, including a lager named “Braking in the Braking Zone” and a spicy spirit dubbed “Ginger & Rum No. 63”.

“Braking in the Braking Zone” Lager, promises to deliver a crisp, sharp taste, mirroring the intense, sudden decelerations that Formula 1 drivers experience. Russell humorously noted that the lager is "bottled under pressure, just like us drivers on the track," ensuring that every sip embodies the high-octane nature of motorsports.

Bottled Under Pressure

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The second product, “Ginger & Rum No. 63”, is an intriguing mix of fiery ginger and smooth rum, the number 63 being a nod to Russell's own racing number. George mentioned that the idea came to him while pondering over the incident in a coffee shop, the same one where he didn't quite reconcile with Alonso post-crash. "It’s about the spice of competition, and the blend of fiery encounters and smooth resolutions," Russell explained.

In a press release, Russell shared, "After the crash, while I was reflecting on the dangers and our rapid response times, it struck me – why not create something that captures the essence of these moments? Something bottled under the same intense pressure we feel during the race."

The launch event is rumored to be as flashy as the F1 grid itself, with pit-stop themed bars where guests can 'refuel' their drinks, and simulators to experience the thrill of racing while sipping on Russell's innovative concoctions.

Critics have already praised the move as a clever spin on a risky situation, turning the fears of the track into a lighthearted branding opportunity. However, not all are amused. Some purists argue that the high-speed world of F1 and the leisurely sips of liquor should never merge lanes.

Whether or not “Braking in the Braking Zone” Lager and “Ginger & Rum No. 63” become as popular as Russell’s racing career remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, Russell has driven his entrepreneurial spirit into an entirely new territory, steering clear from the conventional athlete endorsements and into more spirited ventures.

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